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Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering While conventional mastering involves fine-tuning and processing of the final two-track mixdown, stem mastering focuses on the processing of the component stems (or mix groups if you prefer) of the mixdown/song. For example, the different instrument groups of a mix such as drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. Stem mastering gives the mastering engineer much more freedom of choice in the processing stage of the mastering and the …Read More

Preparing Digital Masters for Vinyl

Preparing Digital Masters for Vinyl It is commonly unknown amongst bands and even some record labels that music mastered for CD is often not suitable for creating a vinyl master. In this blog I will attempt to outline some of the processes involved with vinyl mastering and discuss the differences in the formats.  Hopefully it will give a little insight to musicians who are having their albums released on vinyl.  Vinyl …Read More

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