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Our speciality from day one, and we have many years of experience working with bands. Whether it is a small classical ensemble, jazz-quintet, soul, pop/rock, acoustic, industrial, experimental, post-rock, heavy or extreme metal.

Ingenuity and innovation are welcomed here, rather than constraint and mediocrity.

It is not the style, but the content that makes music great!

Recording/Mixing/Editing/Post Production

We have full facilities for recording, mixing, editing and post production of any project.

Mix Evaluation

Here at Priory Recording Studios we are quite often checking through mixes prior to mastering. In addition to that we also provide a full mix evaluation service, where the mixes are checked and metered under our critical listening conditions by an experienced mixing and mastering engineer.

We then give a detailed list of our findings along with suggestions on how the mixes could be improved upon before submitting the tracks for mastering.  Please enquire for details.


Audio Mastering is the process by which a final mixdown is enhanced in order to prepare it for CD duplication/replication and playback on broadcast, domestic and professional systems.

We can prepare masters for CD duplication, iTunes and digital releases (.flac, .mp3, .wav, .aiff and others), and prepare digital masters for the vinyl format. We can master to and from various sample rates between 16Bit/44.1KHz and 32Bit/96KHz, and can provide and accept various file formats. Please enquire for details.

We can also re-master older recordings, restore compromised audio (remove noise, clicks and pops) from live recordings, vinyl transfers, cassettes and other sources.

Audio Mastering from Stem Mixes

Audio Mastering from Stem mixes is also available.  This involves audio mastering from the mix stems of a mixdown, rather than a final stereo mixdown.  Mix stems typically include a stereo mix of each component part of a mix that is used together to form the final mix.

For example, with a typical live band scenario, the mix stems would have the drums, bass, guitars, overdubs, vocals and backing vocals as separate files which can then be processed individually to improve the mix before mastering.

This can be particularly beneficial for mixes completed “in the box” where the mix stems can be sent to high end outboard units to give more character and polish to the individual components before mastering.

It’s also particularly useful for dense mixes, where additional control over equalisation, levels and dynamics might be required in order to give the mix a greater definition.  This method is also useful for fixing any issues within the mix, for example, where the vocals are either buried or sitting too high in a mix.

Due to the unique nature of each project, please get in contact with details for an estimate.


A professional design and build means that we have complete isolation of the source sounds, without any risk of background noise — even when recording the faintest of whispers.

Our large range of microphones also ensures that we have a high quality microphone to suit every type of voice and we have a great deal of experience with recording, editing, mixing and post producing voice-over projects, both large and small.

We have recorded voice overs for education, relaxation, apps, adverts, videos, and entire computer games (PC, Xbox and PS2)

We can supply voice-over artists where required and have contacts with voice-over and translation agencies across the UK.


We have over 4000 backing tracks available to use during your session and can obtain any that are not in stock.

For singers requiring a demo or showcase CD, this can be a good way of showing off your voice if you do not have a band or other musicians to record with.

Especially, many people have chosen this type of recording as a gift for a loved one or as a memento of times past.


We can re-amp guitars and bass from DI’d sources/files from home or project studio recordings in order to give a professional studio sound to your guitar and bass tracks.

Sound Design

We have a large and versatile Sound effects library combined with the ability to record sounds on site. As well as producing sound effects for advertisements, we have also completed the sound design and music composition for entire computer games, including “Dark Corners of the Earth”, released on Xbox and PC format by Bethesda (USA) and Simon The Sorcerer 3D (PC) Adventuresoft/Headfirst (UK

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