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Record Labels

Season Of Mist Records

SEASON OF MIST RECORDS Genre: Death/Gothic/Doom/Extreme Metal Label Official Website: http://www.season-of-mist.com/ Artists include:  Esoteric, Saint Vitus, Cynic, Septicflesh, Rotting Christ, Kylesa, Atheist, Mayhem, Morbid Angel and more

Profound Lore Records

PROFOUND LORE RECORDS Genre: Black, Death, Doom, Sludge, Progressive Official Website: http://www.profoundlorerecords.com/ Artists include: Indesinence, Agalloch, A Storm of Light, Evoken, The Atlas Moth, Aldebaran, Krallice, Menace Ruine, Pallbearer and more

Candlelight Records

CANDLELIGHT RECORDS Genre: Black/Death/Extreme Metal Label Official Website: http://www.candlelightrecords.co.uk/ Artists include: Wodensthrone, Altar of Plagues, Absu, Anaal Nathrak, Corrosion of Conformity, Daylight Dies, Ihsahn, Krieg, Orange Goblin, Voices, Winterfylleth, Woe, Zatokrev and more

Rise Above Records

RISE ABOVE RECORDS Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal Official Website: http://www.riseaboverecords.com/ Artists include: Moss, Age of Taurus, Angelwitch, Blood Ceremony, Church of Misery, Electric Wizard, The Gates of Slumber and more


Kranky Genres: Drone, Experimental, Ambient, Psychedelic, Post-Rock Website: http://kranky.net/ Artists: Demen, Stars of the Lid, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tim Hecker

Napalm Records

NAPALM RECORDS Genre: Black/Death/Doom/Symphonic/Gothic/Stoner/Folk/Neoclassical Official Website: http://shop.napalmrecords.com/ Artists include: Alunah, Ahab, Audrey Horne, Candlemass, DevilDriver, Draconian, Hatesphere, Isole, Karma To Burn, Moonspell, Summoning, Tiamat and more

Aesthetic Death Records

AESTHETIC DEATH RECORDS Metal/Dark/Ambient/Experimental Label Official Website: http://www.aestheticdeath.com/home.php Artists include Fleurety, Wreck of The Hesperus, Murkrat, Eibon, Fatum Elisum, Section 37, The Nihilistic Front, Walk Through Fire, Black Depths Grey Waves and more.

Van Records

VAN RECORDS Genre: Black/Pagan/Doom Official Website: http://www.van-gbr.de/ Artists include: Faal, Funeral Procession, Sol, The Ruins of Beverast, Urfaust, Winters and more

Nuclear Winter Records

NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal Official Website: http://www.nuclearwinterrecords.com/ Artists include: Cruciamentum, Drawn and Quartered, Altars, Eskhaton, Impure Worship, Revokation, Plegue Bearer, Scythian and more

Minotauro Records

MINOTAURO RECORDS Genre: Heavy/Doom/Hard Rock Official Website: http://www.minotaurorecords.com/ Artists include: Paul Chain, Death SS, Ancient Spell, Jack Starr

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