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Welcome To Priory Online Mastering



The Priory Online Mastering service allows you to easily and securely book unattended mastering sessions at Priory Studios, Birmingham. Its convenient, cost effective and by choosing Priory Studios you are choosing uncompromising quality, a highly experienced engineer, high end equipment and the opportunity to take your music to an industry standard level.

Audio Mastering is the process by which a mixdown is enhanced in order to prepare it for CD/Vinyl/Digital format duplication/replication.  The process consists of adding the final touches to a final mix in order to give it the necessary polish and enhancement to ensure consistent playback on broadcast, domestic and professional systems.  Priory Studios prides itself in delivering the finest quality mastering, which translates perfectly to all reproduction systems.

We can prepare masters for CD duplication, iTunes and digital releases (.flac, .mp3, .wav, .aiff and others), and prepare digital masters for the vinyl format. We can master to and from various sample rates between 44.1kHz/16Bit and 96kHz/32Bit, and can provide and accept various file formats.

Priory Online Mastering is very easy to use, just add an Online Mastering Product above, proceed to the checkout and confirm your details. You will then be able to upload or alternatively post your tracks to us.

Please provide detailed notes when submitting mixes for mastering, such as full song titles, album, single or EP title, band name, track listing, ISRC Codes (if using) and preferred final format.  For example, CD or digital file format such as .wav, .aiff, and so on.  Please also provide any relevant information regarding cross-fades, segues, fade in’s/out’s and length of gaps between songs.  You can also provide direction on the type of sound you are looking for and any relevant reference material.

It is commonly unknown amongst bands and even some record labels that music mastered for CD is often not suitable for creating a vinyl master.  Due to the difference in format limitations and how a vinyl master is created, it is often important to prepare the masters with different processing and sometimes even a different track order.  Our blog “Preparing digital masters for Vinyl production” covers this in much greater detail.

Mastering required for both CD/Digital format and Vinyl formats can be done together at a discounted price.  Please enquire for details.

We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards.


One Track CD/Digital

  • 6 Mins or less
  • 1 Revision Included


E.P CD/Digital

  • 4 Tracks 25 Mins Total Or Less
  • 1 Revision Included


Album CD/Digital

  • Up To 12 Tracks 50 Mins Total
  • 1 Revision Included


Album CD plus Vinyl master

  • Up to 12 Tracks 50 minutes
  • 1 Revision Included


*Turnaround on the majority of orders is within 2 weeks, but please enquire for an exact timescale as the turnaround time depends on current availability/bookings.

**For individual tracks that are over 6 minutes, EPs over 25 minutes and albums over 50 minutes  please contact us for an estimate

***A master CD-R along with a second safety copy can be posted to a shipping address. You can add this option during checkout for an additional fee of £10

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