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  • Roland Fantom S Keyboard w/SRX06 Orchestral Expansion
  • Various Software Synthesizers and Sample Libraries including East West, Komplete 6, etc

Instrument Amplifiers

  • Engl Powerball
  • Marshall JVM410H
  • Orange TH200 Thunderverb Guitar Amp
  • 2 x Engl E412 VR30 Cabinets (Celestion Vintage 30’s)
  • Marshall 425A (Celestion Greenback Speakers)
  • Ampeg SVPCL Classic Preamp
  • Ampeg AP-3550 Power Amp
  • Ampeg SVT15E Classic Cabinet
  • Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic Cabinet
  • Fender Twin Reverb 2×12 Combo

Instrument/Signal Processors/Sound Modules/Fx Pedals

  • Line 6 Guitar Pod
  • Korg DTR1000 Tuner
  • Yamaha 9000 RC Snare
  • Pearl Masters Maple Drum Kit, (Bass Drum, 5 Toms, Snare)
  • Roland Acoustic Drum Triggers (Kick, Snare, 3 Toms)
  • Guitar and bass pedals/multi-fx include every effect and preamp type imagineable such as :
    • Moog, Sansamp, TC Electronic, Dr Scientist, Keeley, Boss, Electroharmonix, Blackstar
    • Earthbound Audio, WMD, Ibanez, Custom Audio Electronic, Strymon and more